One in six e-mail or social accounts hijacked

Phishing poses the greatest threat to users’ privacy, followed by keyloggers, and finally third-party breaches, Google’s research team revealed this week. Googlers and a team from University of California, Berkeley investigated how black markets work. SaferPass has you covered, share with your friends and get Premium.

Managing Your Summer with SaferPass Password Manager

Summer is coming, popular destinations are crowded and web pages offering accommodation or flight tickets receive significantly more traffic. Vacations planned in travel agencies are seldom nowadays – all we need is online. Many people choose to create their vacations by themselves. The most important is to have a clever

What’s new inside SaferPass

#PrivacyMatters for SaferPass. In the new release, available in Chrome Store, we’ve added several features that were demanded from users worldwide and improved the overall user experience. So from now on, you can securely store your credit card information and without your Master Password or the actual credit card, no

How to export passwords from Chrome and Firefox browser?

SaferPass supports importing a file in the .csv format, which can be exported easily from Chrome browser. Please follow these steps: You can easily download exporting program in two clicks   2.  Choose the browser and click on Export button. 3. In order to finish this process please close all opened

How to move your accounts from LastPass to SaferPass

Importing accounts from other password managers such as LastPass is easy with SaferPass. 1. Open LastPass by clicking on its browser icon inside the toolbar (if you are not logged in, log in) and select from the menu: More Options -> Advanced -> Export -> LastPass CSV File 2. You’ll most

Update your Chrome extensions

Occasionally when Chrome’s internal settings change with a release of a new version or our own SaferPass extension requires a Chrome permission your browser will display a little exclamation mark. As described in the Privacy Policy SaferPass requires some Chrome permissions to be able to auto-fill your passwords or wipe

How to import accounts from other apps and browsers

Importing accounts from other password managers is extremely easy with SaferPass. Go to settings and in section Data pick Import accounts. Reenter your master password. Pick where you want to import your accounts from.   From this moment all your accounts are safely stored in SaferPass. Enjoy 🙂

Improve your security with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication provides stronger security for your SaferPass account and makes it harder for attackers to gain access by requiring a second step of verification when you sign in. In addition to your password, you’ll also need a code generated by one of the listed applications on your phone. Check