Top 5 Extensions for 2016

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SaferPass Security Lexicon: 4 reasons for VPN

This week on SaferPass’ Security Lexicon, we will be explaining VPNs. VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a term used to describe a technology which enables us to use the internet more securely. Today we will look at the advantages of VPNs and will let you in on at least 4 good

Advanced Security Tips

Strong passwords and a good security hygiene are no longer enough to cover all of the threats that lurk in the digital world. That’s why SaferPass has some expert advice for taking the security of your online profile to a higher level.

SaferPass – effective browser extension

As more and more time is being spent browsing the internet, people tend to leave many of their favourite tabs opened, often not signed-in or with passwords written on post-its on their desks. We hear many voices preaching better security hygiene, especially in the case of passwords, yet users rarely

Security lexicon by SaferPass: DoS and DDoS attacks

In today’s security lexicon, we will be taking a closer look on DoS and DDoS attacks, two of the most terrifying weapons in the hacker arsenal, which have been used many times by groups and individuals across the world to cause considerable uproar. How they work, how they were used

Biggest security threats in 2016!

The well-known web security blog Zonealarm has issued a list of the top biggest security threats that are waiting for us in the current year. All of them have been relevant for several years now and everyone should take great care in protecting their devices against them. These are the 4 biggest security threats that lie in store for us in the year 2016: Bank

Password manager – 7 pros, zero cons

Nowadays a password management software is necessary for digital security The general consensus about its necessity and safety notwithstanding, a huge amount of people still prefer the good old method of writing down passwords on small pieces of paper. Why is that so? The majority of modern and practical changes to our lives are accepted easily, even gladly,

MOBILE SECURITY – underestimated threat?

After the massive boom during 2007 – 2010, the majority of young people now own a smartphone. The amount of these devices in the whole world will probably exceed 2 billion in the year 2016. Yet despite these numbers, the awareness of security threats aimed at the mobile world is