How to Prevent Hackers from Accessing Your Online Accounts

If we learned something useful from the recent hacks or leaks from various web portals, e.g. the dating site Ashley Madison, it’s the simple, but alarming fact, that the human factor continues to fail. While big players like Google, Apple and Hotmail maintain a relatively high level of security (and

Online identity theft

The topic of identity loss or theft has become commonplace. The data of unaware individuals is simply to easy a prey for criminals. Often, the media reports about identity theft of thousands of people, that’s why in today’s digital world, it is extremely important to guard one’s identity. The first

Our passwords – Lifesavers or Threats?

The worst passwords used on the internet(according to more than 3 million leaked passwords during 2014) show, that we are still lazy when it comes to “digital security”. Or at least in regards to locking the gates with a strong password. See for yourselves – these are the most used