How to move your accounts from LastPass to SaferPass

Importing accounts from other password managers such as LastPass is easy with SaferPass.

1. Open LastPass by clicking on its browser icon inside the toolbar (if you are not logged in, log in) and select from the menu:

More Options -> Advanced -> Export -> LastPass CSV File

2. You’ll most probably be prompted for your LastPass master password.

3. Depending on the browser and system you are using, LastPass will either offer you a file for download, save it locally and continue to the next step.
(If LastPass should display the list of your passwords in a separate tab, Select all by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+A and copy using Ctrl/Cmd+C, Open a text editor and paste your password list into the Notepad and save it locally)

4. Now open your SaferPass extension inside the Google Chrome browser (log in if you should not be)
(support for SaferPass inside Safari is in progress, no worries, you will be able to use SaferPass inside Safari after the import)

5. Go to Settings by opening the left menu and in section Data pick Import accounts.

6. Reenter your master password.

7. Choose LastPass from the list.

8. Click the Choose file button, select the exported LastPass file with your account data and click Continue.

9. Do not forget to delete your exported password list from the hard drive!

10. If you wish, you can use SaferPass on Safari now, your accounts will be available after the next login.

From this moment all your accounts are safely stored in SaferPass. Enjoy 🙂