JavaScript backend programmer

Interested in JavaScript? So are we!

A well-running 16 people US-founded startup with 10 software engineers on board, based in Bratislava working with global companies is looking for backend developers.

Join us and we guarantee you a great time with an awesome team, you will learn new stuff, have impact on the product, possibility to influence the technology decisions and no bureaucracy.

Λ  2000 – 5000 EUR           Λ  Full-time, Contract            Λ  Bratislava


SaferPass – password manager

Every recommendation of a programmer will receive 1000 eur reward after 3 months.
Technology overview

Since computer users spend most of the time inside their browsers, we are building a browser extension which can be compared to a a single-page offline-first app.

We have chosen a unified core strategy for all of the frontend platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Web, Windows, OS X which is written in JavaScript as well as the backend – Node.js.

There is also only one responsive UI across all of the supported platforms, with minor differences for each of them.


  • AWS
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • CI / CD
  • Couchbase
  • Kubernetes

Browser extensions and Mobile apps

  1. UI – Angular.js + HTML + CSS around 20% of the code
  2. Core App – 80% of the browser extension code which is pure JavaScript, consisting of:
  • Form recognition for login, credit card, address and other form types
  • Enc/decryption part
  • Injected notifications inside the browser
  • Data models for accounts, credit cards…
  • Code injection in to websites
  • Rest / Http client for communication with the backend
  • PouchDB client-side database
  • Authentication / Authorization

This enables us to keep fast pace with new features. Above that, everything is written in a single language – JavaScript, which helps us a lot.


  • Support of your self-improvement and career growth
  • Taking part on technical decisions
  • Pair programming
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Coaching from senior developers
  • Challenging work
  • Freedom, flexible work time, remote work
  • Team building events, beer evenings, grilling in nature
  • Awesome team!
  • Stock options
  • Beautiful office in the center of Bratislava, relaxing atmosphere
  • Extra holiday, table football, Xbox
  • Free drinks and healthy food 🙂
  • A great place to work


  • Either you know JavaScript or you can help us with our infrastructure
  • Participation on technology decisions and product improvements
  • Bug fixing, code reviews
  • Taking responsibility for your decisions as a team member
  • On-site position in Bratislava
  • At least a basic level of English

We are still a startup, but one who does make revenue, so no worries about your salary, you will just enjoy the progress and flexibility of a fast-growing company. We know the B2C segment and we did a lot of experimenting and performance marketing. Main focus at the moment is to help large companies to increase their revenue through SaferPass.

The big difference between our and some other startups besides our great internal team (see below) are the advisors who have already build up several successful companies and are helping us intensively to move in the right direction. And also the progress we currently experience with large companies as partners.

Awesome Office 🙂

Fresh fruits, snacks, drinks, table football, air con, Xbox, and office in the very center of Bratislava.

Just drop us a short e-mail with CV to, so we can meet.



We got gamers, runners, mountaineers, sailors, bikers, Americans, British guys, and we hope that you become a part of our great team!


Venture Capital and angel investor active in Israel  Led 100% buyout of Internet security company AVG in 2004 Executive Chairman @ Slidely by EasyHi Board Member @ AVG


Serial entrepreneur, with several successful exits.  VP Platform @ AVG President / CTO @ OpenInstall (acquired by AVG)  CEO of FreeCause (acquired by Rakuten).


Served as the VP of Corporate Development at AVG where he completed 4 strategic acquisitions and strategic investments. Founded eScene Networks and worked as CSO until its acquisition by Inktomi. Held various roles in early-stage companies including VP of Sales at, Director of BD at Soma Networks. Sailing is one of his passions.


Connects SW engineering experience with the skills of an entrepreneur. His expertise is in SW development and digital security.. Co-founded, supporter of the Slovak startup scene. Cooperated on more than 100 projects and co-build several teams during the last 15 years in IT.


Supervisory of our copywriters, most blog posts and marketing activity are handled by Martin. His working tools are data management platforms as Exponea and Excel. In his free time he is helping the future generations by organizing conferences for students from High schools.


is one of our frontend heroes. He brought SaferPass to Microsoft Edge and Firefox browser. Meanwhile, he’s supervising Android and iOS implementation. But his biggest contribution is his playful spirit that goes hand in hand with teaching us how to slackline or skateboard.


Not the slightest chance that a number could be wrong in our finances, Julia is handling our accounting vendor and makes sure, that all our numbers add up. Marketing and social networking are both her everyday cup of tea. Passionate about cryptocurrencies, traveling and SaferPass of course!


Ivan handles our frontend like a pro. He worked on and (largest search engine in CZ),  and has been lecturing human-computer interaction at the University.  Passionate about board games and 3D Printers.


Last 8 years of programming CRM systems and mobile apps for several clients have taught Michael a lot about frontend written in Angular. The amount of energy Michael puts into work helps SaferPass to move forward very fast, he handles the UI and browser extensions.


13 years of active development, last 8 years for several clients in Node.js. Mainly focused on backend, Couchbase databases and synchronization part of SaferPass. Martin’s accurate estimates and clear focus help to push us forward. Passionate runner and biker.


15 years of experience as designer in Slovakia and UK for international clients like Slovenska sporitelna, UniCredit, Microsoft, Megaupload and others.. Every single pixel of SaferPass was wisely chosen and handled with love by Jan. Loves his Jeep and his dog 🙂


Daniel’s experience in the aviation, insurance and car industry where standards are high and rigorous taught him to write high-quality code. To stay efficient and fast, Daniel automates all he can by using Gulp. Coding standards are a must for him and he is also familiar with the .NET technology.


As a keen gamer or someone who is genuinely crazy about games, it came as a no surprise to us that Andrej programmed his first tower defense game in JavaScript while studying at university. At SaferPass he handles our automated testing of form recognition while he is listening to music through the latest niche equipment you can imagine.


Martin’s 5 years experience with large clients like O2, Hyundai and Sberbank provided many learning challenges and opportunities making him a skilled software developer. He also worked with large marketing companies which required a lot of performance optimization due to the heavy visitor load of the campaigns.

Nodeschool 2017 in Budapest

Brainstorming_Schaldming 2016

NodeConf 2017 in Budapest

JS conf 2015

Our main senior developer

Just drop us a short e-mail with CV to, so we can meet.*

*Zaslaním emailu s Vašim CV súhlasíte v zmysle zákona Zák. č.122/2013 Z.z. o ochrane osobných údajov v znení neskorších predpisov so správou, spracovaním a uchovaním osobných údajov uvedených v životopise a iných prílohách spoločnosťou SaferPass. s r.o.. Poskytnutie údajov je dobrovoľné na základe vlastného rozhodnutia. Tieto údaje budú spracované výlučne pre účely nájdenia vhodného zamestnanca a pre účely databázy uchádzačov o zamestnanie. Súhlas je daný na dobu určitú po dobu 1 roka. Po období 1 roka budú údaje anonymizované a ďalej využívané výlučne pre štatistické účely.