More than 96% of consumers are sharing up to six passwords with other people

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The average internet user has dozens of accounts and wants to keep the principles of good security with each one of them (unique passwords, combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, regular changes of passwords). Without a great password manager, it’s almost impossible. Many of us use the same password everywhere, many use their own names and many have not changed the passwords to their accounts in years.

We convince ourselves, that it’s not that important. That all the blogs and magazines, that cover internet security are just overreacting. And then someone gains access to our bank account and we suffer the consequences. That’s when we realize, that it is too late.

Studies are relentless. In the UK, more than 55% of asked people share their passwords with others, most often with colleagues or partners. But what happens after a breakup? 66% of users do not change their passwords afterwards and thus, leave themselves vulnerable to the goodwill of “friends”.

Furthermore, the research team of the Kaspersky anti-virus software has shown, that users across the web are even less responsible than we previously thought. 44% of the asked have shared their password with someone, even left it somewhere visible for others. 33% of the asked shared their passwords with family members, every ninth has told their password to a friend (11%) and 6% of the asked have shared passwords with colleagues.

Studies have also shown, that 29% of users think, their accounts do not require any special security measures, not even a complex password. They remain convinced that their security will be taken care of by the operator of the given website.

What can we learn from this? These statistics are not only interesting for us but mainly for those, who want to exploit these weaknesses and steal our sensitive data. Persons who are motivated to attack our accounts are well aware of these facts, that’s why the question of internet security is even more important for everyone than ever. What can you do? Buy a high-end anti-virus, don’t forget to regularly update your operating system and set up strong and secure passwords with smart password manager.


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