SaferPass Autofill for iOS apps and Safari browser

With the release of iOS 12, the dream of using SaferPass to automatically log into apps and Safari browser becomes reality.  This feature makes using iPhones far more enjoyable. 

These steps show you how to enable SaferPass on iOS and use it, so you do not need to copy and paste your account details.



Enable SaferPass Autofill 

Requires: iOS 12+ and SaferPass installed

1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap Passwords & Accounts

2. Go to AutoFill Passwords

4. Turn on AutoFill Passwords, unselect Keychain and select SaferPass


Using Password Autofill

1. Open an app or login page and tap anywhere within a login field.

2. To fill a Login, tap your username shown above the keyboard. If you have more than one Login for the website or app, tap the key icon to choose a different one. 

3. Authenticate yourself using Touch ID, Face ID or PIN.

4. Once your credentials are filled, complete the login process.