SaferPass is evolving Online Identity Management by providing simple solutions that solve real-world problems for consumers and SMBs

saferpass-is-evolvingBRATISLAVA – (December, 8th , 2015) – Today the company is launching the latest free version of its Identity/Password Manager product for the Chrome browser.

This release introduces the unique Secure Me features which are a first for the industry. Secure Me addresses the pain point felt by users when sharing any of your devices with family, friends, and colleagues. When users are thinking “What did I leave open in my browser and/or browser history? Did I leave my bank account open? Are my email, DropBox, or Facebook accounts open?” Secure Me comes to the rescue by securing all accounts on all devices with one simple click from any one of our user’s devices.

With offices in Bratislava and San Francisco, the company was created by a team of global online security professionals most of who were previously senior executives at AVG Technologies. “The online nexus of security, privacy, efficiency, and convenience is where we will continue to develop unique products” said Doug Crowley, SaferPass’s CEO. “Our focus will continue to be on significantly improving user’s online security profile while simultaneously making user’s online lives much easier. The shift in thinking is to protecting the users and not simply their devices.”

Online security threats are increasingly pervasive and damaging as illustrated by the huge recent hacks of large global banks, the US government’s personnel files, and Ashley Madisson. Yet with this clear and growing threat still only 6% of consumers use a password manager product and 73% use the same password for many different sites. The most popular passwords continue to be “password”, “123456”, and “qwerty”. SaferPass’s mission is to simplify and secure this messy situation for the 94% of users who have never used an identity management product. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

SaferPass allows its users to manage their online security from passwords, notes, logins, and IDs. Its multi-platform identity manager securely stores user data. SaferPass collects login data entered by the user and logs in automatically to their site, without the need to enter the data manually. Users can count on complete cloud backup of all encrypted account information and auto sync between all your devices across platforms.

SaferPass aims to be the market leader in Online Identity Management by providing simple solutions that solve real-world problems for consumers and SMBs allowing its users to manage their online passwords, notes, logins, and IDs. For the 94% of users who do not currently use a password manager and want to protect themselves from a new generation of security threats, SaferPass offers a best of breed Identity Management product that works across all devices and platforms.