Expecto Patronum!

Boo! Mummy crackers, cyber vampires feasting on the time spent on password recovery, weak-password zombies, data-dementors… Besides creatures from the underworld, there are even more scary beings in the online world. The cyber attackers are practicing witchcraft to steal your login credentials and use them for their malevolent rituals. In medieval

New Chrome Extension Toolbar menu

Chrome browser is testing a user-interface change. Instead of allowing extension icons to appear at the top right of the browser the icons are hidden by default for all the installed extensions, making them harder to spot.  When the user clicks the puzzle piece icon, the extension menu opens and

Set it and Forget it!

Those people lucky ones that own a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie oven or those even luckier ones, who have just seen what is quite possibly the most popular infomercial of all time. You know that to cook two 5lb chickens, a 8lb pork loin roast or enough sausages to feed a small

Top 5 Extensions for 2016

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